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You look tired, weary traveller. Fear not; I’ve everything a person needs to restore body and mind in the TOAST B&B Lounge - that’s Booze and Breakfast, in case you were wondering!

Here’s what’s on offer.

Complimentary Coffee and Tea all day long
An evening selection of top class wines, spirits and soft drinks, some via our honesty bar.
High end Continental Breakfast Buffet, with a selection of homemade breads and pastries, fresh juices, locally roasted coffee beans, home cured meats and best of british cheeses
Selection of charcuterie and snack platters
TOAST Lounge

Whether you’re looking for a generous breakfast to prepare you for a day out there in the ‘real’ world, refreshments to help you through it or snacks with everything from single malts to craft beers to celebrate another day done, you’ll find it here, curated under my watchful eye. This place is the heart and soul of the house, and it’s open for you and yours to enjoy.


Go ahead, you can say it, I won’t be offended - there’s something a little odd about this room in particular! Or is there? Even the grass growing from the ceiling is strangely comfortable and familiar. So sit back and relax in this exquisite moment in time and space; we’re here for but the blink of an eye, so indulge and make the most of it.