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If you are ever in the mood for a bespoke, alchemy-inspired cocktail in London, then join us at our sister bar Hokus Pokus and enjoy the marvels of their one-of-a-kind drinks.

Inspired by a quirky botanical enthusiast James Morrison, Hokus Pokus takes you and your taste buds to a place like no other. To truly understand the history and design of the cocktails, however, you must understand the inspiration behind it:

James Morrison was a Scottish entrepreneur and herbalist who founded the British College of Health in 1828, established as an institution dedicated to promoting health and well-being through the principles of alternative medicine and herbal remedies.

Morrison advocated for natural healing methods and herbal treatments as alternatives to conventional medicine. He believed in the power of herbs and botanical remedies to restore and maintain health, and he sought to share his knowledge with others through the establishment of his college.

The British College of Health offered courses and educational programs on herbalism, naturopathy, and alternative medicine. Students could learn about the properties and uses of various herbs, as well as holistic approaches to health and wellness.

Morrison's teachings and remedies gained popularity during the 19th century, attracting followers who sought alternatives to mainstream medical practices. He published several books promoting his methods and products, including "The Hygeian Home Cookery" and "The Morisonian System of Medicine."

This ‘eccentric’ figure gained popularity during the 19th century, so much so that Morrison published serval books promoting his methods and products including "The Hygeian Home Cookery" and "The Morisonian System of Medicine”, catered to those who were seeking alternatives to mainstream medicine. His legacy has endured to this day and is remembered by many modern practitioners and enthusiasts of his work.

Don’t forget to pop into Hokus Pokus during your stay with us, a venue where each element of the drink is emblematic of the creations and passions of James Morrison and his herbal remedies. 

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