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The Gyle hotel in King’s Cross has opened its doors as part of St Pancras Hotels Group.

The new 33-bedroom boutique on Argyle Square is situated in three 19th century townhouses and is the result of a transformation of a former B&B in a multi-million pound project.

St Pancras Hotel Group is run by founder and owner Tony Megaro and also comprises The California and Megaro St Pancras London hotels.

The design at The Gyle is said to be whimsical’, with nods to the area’s Scottish and Victorian roots, with a ‘resolutely fresh and modernist tone’ curated by artist and designer Henry Chebaane.

Alongside its bedrooms, The Gyle is also home to The Toast, a social lounge where guest walk through a ‘rabbit hole’ on an image of the sky reflected in Loch Fyne and the ceiling is covered with a British lawn through which large seismic crack emits intermittent lighting strike effects.

A menu is served here, with a ‘Booze & Breakfast’ ethos, a more modern take on the traditional B&B, with food offered throughout the day.

There is also a bakery pantry and self-service fridge which guests are encouraged to raid, which features a selection of artisan juices, house-made charcuteries and salads in Kilner jars.

The 33 rooms each feature a tablet and large bottles of Scottish toiletries, with the design using colours of warm tones of charcoal, anthracite, ash, flint and pewter, and textiles in organic accents of moss, fir and juniper greens.  

Henry Chebaane has designed over 90 restaurants and bars and advised on over 400 projects world-wide.

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