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UK: Housed in three 19th century townhouses, The Gyle is located on Argyle Square and features 33 rooms.

Designed by Henry Chebaane, stylistic inspiration is drawn from the hotel’s Scottish and Victorian roots.

Chebaane has designed over 90 restaurants and bars, and advised on over 400 projects worldwide.

Highlights include The Toast – a social lounge that features an image of the sky reflected in Loch Fyne on the floor, whereas the ceiling is covered with a British lawn through which a seismic crack emits intermittent lighting effects.

The Toast offers an alternative B&B option, ‘Booze & Breakfast’, where guests can search the self-service fridge for home-made charcuterie, fresh salads, or bottled craft ales and beers. A bakery pantry is also available.

During lunchtime, light dishes such as hot-smoked salmon and barley salad, and heather-honey raspbery granola is served.

Each of the 33 rooms are equipped with a tablet to control in-room technologies, as well as a mini fridge and Scottish bathroom toiletries.

For further information, visit the website here.

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