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Located on Argyle Square, the 33-bedroom Gyle has been developed across three 19th century townhouses at a cost of £3m by the St Pancras Hotel Group headed by Antonio Megaro. The transformation from what was previously a basic bed and breakfast operation took two years.

Henry Chebaane of Blue Sky Hospitality has designed the interiors which are aimed to be the antithesis of branded hotels.

The Toast lounge is intended to reflect a topsy-turvy world, with the floor depicting an image of the sky above Loch Fyne and the ceiling looking like a lawn through which a crack throws out intermittent lighting strike effects. The all-day dining offer her includes artisan juices, house-made charcuteries and salads. A light lunch may include the likes of hot-smoked salmon and barley salad, Mull of Kintyre cheese, and heather-honey raspberry granola.

Meanwhile, the reception features hanging clouds which emit thunder sounds and lighting strikes.

The bedrooms are said to offer a mix of "comfort, quality, convenience and eccentricity", with the technology controlled by a tablet and the bathrooms enclosed within steel and fluted glass panels, reminiscent of a greenhouse. The colour palate includes tones of charcoal, anthracite, ash, flint and pewter, with textiles in organic accents of moss, fir and juniper greens.


The Gyle is the third hotel within the St Pancras Hotel Group, which also operates the nearby Megaro and California hotels.

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